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Independent Distributor -  A good way to think of this is like a membership (like Costco or Sam's Club).  You buy a
                                     one time "Starter Kit" and then you receive wholesale pricing (24% off retail).  You can buy
                                     any of Young Living's Products whenever you choose or however often you choose.

          Customer           -  You simply buy the products just as you would buy anything online and pay full retail.

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Independent Distributor
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  • What is the difference between an                     Independent Distributor and a                     Customer?
  • What is a Member Number (also known as Independent Distributor Number)?
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  • Why does Young Living need my social security number for an Independent Distributor but not for a Customer?
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Here's a simple explanation:
- A Member number is an identification number Young Living assigns to all of its Independent Distributors
- Member numbers allow the person who referred you to Young Living's products a way to be rewarded and compensated for their efforts
- The social security number is only required because an Independent Distributor has the opportunity to earn commissions. If a distributor earns over a specific amount, Young Living would need to report it to the IRS when taxes are filed. Once the social security number has been entered into Young Living's system, there are a limited number of employees that can view the number, for tax reasons. It is not available to view on file, and it is not used for any other reasons.
- A Customer does not earn commissions therefore there is no need for a social security number