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Compensation Bonus Structure
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Business Presentation
Got a minute?
Looking for six investors who will invest $100 each month.

Then, duplicate the model twice within our bonus structure
in exchange for a 4- or 5-figure income.
Step One
Best mlm bonus structure
  • You must be a qualified distributor with an Essential Rewards order ($100 PV)
  • Build a team of six qualified first-level distributors who invest $100 PV each month for Young Living products.
  • You must have $1,000 PGV (Personal Group Volume) 
  • You receive $100 Bonus every Month
Step Two
  • You must be qualified for the $100 Bonus.
  • Help two members of your first-level team become qualified for the $100 Bonus by creating their own teams of six qualified distributors.
  • You receive $500 Bonus every Month
Young Living 500 bonus
Step Three
  • You must be qualified for the $500 Bonus
  • Help two members of your first-level team become qualified for the $500 Bonus
  • You receive $2,000 Bonus every Month
YL $2000 bonus
Step Four
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Join our Young Living Team and earn Residual Income
  • This BEST part about this bonus is that a distributor can earn it forever (into infinity) as long as he or she qualifies for it.
  • After completing the entire Distributor Team Performance Bonus ($100, $500, and $2,000 levels), the distributor may begin working on a second Distributor Team Performance Bonus structure. Downline distributors who were counted in the first bonus structure do not count toward any additional bonus structures.
  • Those building additional bonus structures may
    take advantage of a reduction in personally
    sponsored, qualified distributors for the $100
    Bonus. Six distributors are required for the first
    $100 Bonus; four more (ten total) for the second; and two more personally sponsored, qualified distributors for each additional bonus structure beyond the first two.

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*The income figures mentioned are based on commission and bonus earnings and are indicative of incomes that can be made. These figures do not constitute a guarantee or promise of amounts to be earned. Your success and the income you earn from your Young Living business are determined by your effectiveness in helping others discover and incorporate Young Living products into their lives. Factors include your personal commitment to the products and to sharing with others, the number of distributors you have, the amount that each distributor purchases, and your effectiveness in building, teaching, and motivating a sales organization that includes other Young Living distributors who in turn are sharing and building their own organizations.